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Veteran Stakeholder Pack

Thank you for using your network to share the benefits veterans can bring to businesses

Free resources have been created for you to help promote the reasons why businesses should consider recruiting veterans.

You can:

  • Download the Recruit Veterans stakeholder resources pack which features further information about the campaign and new website, discover case studies and the campaign film.
  • Access and download assets which allow you to share across social platforms, newsletters and print for display and/or distribution.

Campaign assets

Stakeholder resources pack

The Recruit Veterans stakeholder resources pack includes all information and assets you need to help promote recruiting veterans to other businesses.

Digital assets

Social media imagery

You can download our social media assets in various formats to help spread the word about recruiting veterans.

Your next line manager?

Your next software engineer?

Your future events planner?

Your new engineer?

Your new facilities manager?

A veteran's journey to civilian employment

Why hiring veterans is good for business

Email signature

You can download our ‘Highly skilled veterans are good for businesses’ email signature.

Web banners

Our web banners have been produced in different sizes to allow you to promote the recruitment of veterans on your website.

Printable assets

Posters and leaflets are available for you to download and print to help you show your support of recruiting veterans.


Veterans are ready to get to work

Highly trained veterans with a wide range of skills and can-do attitudes are available to employ now. Discover how you can access their skills and recruit them into your business today.

Employ Veterans Now