RAF Engineer, in uniform with a helmet on refuelling plane

Become a veteran-friendly business


By becoming a veteran-friendly business you will ensure that you are able to attract ex-military talent to your organisation.


Here are some of ways you can help


Creating a supportive culture to help veterans develop and progress within your business

It can take a little while for veterans to adjust to new management styles and the seemingly unstructured nature of the business world. An effective on-boarding process will help new recruits to settle into the business much more quickly, improving job performance and employee retention.

Provide clear progression routes and training opportunities for veterans

It’s important to manage new employees’ expectations, whether that be salary expectations or progression opportunities. Practical actions ensure that ex-military candidates understand the full scope of benefits, career progression and development opportunities, and personal support available to them from the start. Ex-military candidates are used to a very structured career path with continuous learning programmes, so it is important to be explicit about the opportunities to progress within your organisation.

Support a military-friendly work environment and culture

Establish a working environment that welcomes and supports ex-military employees and acknowledges the contributions of veterans, reservists, and military families in the wider community. Practical actions like participating in events that celebrate the sacrifices and contributions of the military, such as Armed Forces Day. Also making sure there is regular internal communications around the organisation’s support for the military community – news articles, blog posts, and social media.

Veteran champion

BT shows their support for Armed Forces Day, for example, by lighting up the iconic BT tower in London with a message of support.

10 steps to becoming a veteran-friendly employer

Be a veteran-friendly business
RAF Engineer, in uniform with a helmet on refuelling plane

Tips businesses can use to adapt the hiring process

Veteran-inclusive recruitment tips
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Veterans are ready to get to work

Highly trained veterans with a wide range of skills and can-do attitudes are available to employ now. Discover how you can access their skills and recruit them into your business today.

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