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Career tips for veterans

Employers are looking for skilled, can-do veterans like you

We understand that looking for a second career after the military can be difficult, but the training and skills you’ve developed during your time in the services make you highly desirable to employers. Your skills can be easily transferred to suit many different job roles. And we can help.

How we can help

We can offer you a support network to encourage and back you on your journey back into civilian life. We can also give you the details of key recruitment agencies who can advise you and make you visible to employers.

List of recruitment agencies

We have a wealth of Scottish recruitment agencies who cover every part of the country and every sector too. They can help you find full or part-time employment in a range of industries.  There are a wealth of agencies that support the Armed Forces community, these include:

List of support networks

The support network is a team of people and services that work closely with the veteran community to help ex-military personnel like you on your journey back into civilian life and find fulfilling second careers.

There are over fifty veteran’s organisations and charities in Scotland, and 1,843 armed forces charities in the UK. These organisations can act as important links between you and employers. You can find out more via the following links:

Gen Dit Network

OAS Networks

Veterans are ready to get to work.

Highly trained veterans with a wide range of skills and can-do attitudes are available to employ now. Discover how you can access their skills and recruit them into your business today.

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