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Highly skilled veterans are great for business

Whether you’re looking for your next line manager or your future software engineer, highly trained veterans bring a wealth of experience and transferable skills that can help benefit your business in so many ways.

Why Employ Veterans?

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Veterans with a wealth of experience

Expertly trained ex-military personnel represent a unique, diverse, and high-performing source of talent. Discover how your business can help support veterans' transition into the civilian workplace.

How businesses can attract veterans
Female Royal Navy Technician working on Ships board, wearing a yellow high-vis jacket
I remember being quite surprised when I hired ex military personnel, they were among the most creative and dynamic people I’d ever met. It makes sense of course that these people are hyper-creative. They need to visualise and change things if scenarios don’t go to plan. Who else has to do that in life or death scenarios. Even in their interviews they are dynamic in a way that is positive.
Lewis White - Barclays

Discover the impact that ex-military personnel have had on a range of businesses and organisations throughout Scotland.

Veterans are ready to get to work

Highly trained veterans with a wide range of skills and can-do attitudes are available to employ now. Discover how you can access their skills and recruit them into your business today.

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